Great News! Brian was just endorsed by the PBA law enforcement association.

Hello. My name is Brian.

I believe people come before politics and I would like your vote for Chatham County Commissioner this fall.

Here is what Change Looks like

face to face meetings

No more back door board room meetings. If elected I commit to doing the work of the people and listening first.

debt free county growth

During this period of historic growth it is important to pace residential growth with responsible commercial growth to properly fund the county without collateralizing the tax payer with long term borrowing.  

coming together

Rural Chatham has been left out for along time.  We can't forget our rural roots while growing.  This election is about bringing the county together.

My opponent's tax and spend track record

  • Chatham has the highest debt per capita in the state
  • 91% of county budget comes from property tax.  The state average is 70%
  • We lost 650 million dollars in retail sales to other counties last year 
  • 47% of residents commute 30+ min
  • The current board just borrowed $100,000,000 for new schools

Important community dates

NAACP candidate forum Oct. 20th

NAACP of Chatham plays a vital role in our community and in our election process.  NAACP leaders serve in many roles within our county government.  We need more minority representation in county government.  We will be there to meet folks and address some of these issues.  

4h Livestock show Sept. 15th

Chatham has deep roots in farming.  This show doesn't disappoint.  Fun for all ages.  We will be out speaking with folks about how rural parts of the county need better representation.

Moncure Candidates Forum Oct. 16th

Every year Moncure hosts a great candidate forum.  This is a great opportunity to hear candidates discuss issues face to face.  We will be there ready to discuss the current board's lack of regard for Rural Chatham citizen input and the lack of county economic growth measures.

Hispanic Fiesta Sept. 15th

hispanic liaison siler city fiesta

The Hispanic Liaison is an advocate resource for hispanic people living in Chatham.  Team BOCK will be there to meet folks in Siler City.  visit their website at

League of Woman Voters Forum Oct. 10th

LWV is a non-partisan group that been educating voters and driving voter turnout for a very long time.  We will be participating in their candidate election forum on OCt. 10th.

Moncure Food truck Festival Sept 29th

Moncure has been in the news recently with NC's forced dump of coal ash in the area.  The people of Moncure have been through a lot and need to be listened to.  This is a great event with live music and food and should be a great community awareness opportunity for the a very under-represented part of the county.  We will be there talking with folks and hearing their concerns.

This is our Chatham

Brian Bock is running for Chatham County Commissioner

About Me

I am a husband, father, retired military intelligence officer, former small business owner, banker, and have been living in Chatham county for more than a decade. I served as County Commissioner from 2010-2014 and I am currently a member of the Chatham planning board.  I also was on the Central Carolina Community College Board of Trustees and Board of Health.  

Brian Bock is running for Chatham County Commissioner

A Tale of two Chathams

Chatham county is a fairly large county neighboring both Wake and Orange county.  Chatham County contains towns and communities like Chapel Hill, Cary, Goldston, Pittsboro, Siler City, Silk Hope, Snow Camp, Bonlee, Moncure, and Brickhaven. The county is socioeconomically divided.  Districts 1, 2, 3 attract bedroom communities while districts 4 and 5 contain some of NC's finest workable farmland, rural factories, and families who have been in Chatham for generations.  The Rural oasis of the terrain brings affluent commuters here but Chatham needs Economic Development if we are going grow our commercial tax base allowing for more jobs, an increase in school funding, and investment in our infrastructure and water facilities.  

My plan

  • I commit to increasing more business development in Chatham especially near our major corridors 15-501, 64, and 87.  This will prevent sprawl, cut down on commuter time and co2 emissions, and keep retail tax money in the county.  
  • I commit to using tax money generated from business development to enrich our school resources, and fund clean water iniatives.  
  • I commit to listening to the citizens of this county.  Not just in BOC scheduled meetings.  My phone number and email are available to anyone who has questions or concerns

Campaign Stories

Brian Bock is committed to protecting Chatham County's greatest asset-  Jordan Lake. He was instrumental in helping the county put in some of the toughest water protections in the state. Vote for Brian Bock in November.

This summer teachers all over the state marched in Raleigh to express frustration with lack of teacher funding. Brian was there to hear teachers discuss the nuance of funding. Let's do more for the teachers of Chatham. Vote for Brian Bock in November 6th.

Brian Bock discusses how his commissioner opponent Diana Hales nearly cost the county 19 million when she voted NO to a settlement contract when the county was forced by the state to take Coal Ash from Duke Energy. 

My Experience & Your Voice

The Road to November started in 2010

2010 proved to be a historic year for the Republican Party in Chatham County.  A traditionally Blue County, Chatham Republicans Walter Petty, Pam Stewart, and Brian Bock swept the commissioner's race for only the second time since the Civil War!  At the time, our economy was on life support and this committed team of Republicans was set on opening Chatham county for Business.  Bock and team were committed to preserving the rural splendor of the county while creating economic development that would help Chatham bounce back years later.  Fast forward to 2014.

Democrats regained power in 2014 and rode the wave of economic growth put into place by Bock and team.  This new trifecta of Democrats want to severely limit economic development that Chatham residents desperately need to decrease pressure on raising personal property taxes to pay for county expenses.  A runaway tax plan, a closed for business blanket zoning policy, lack of governmental transparency by democrats and conversations with voters are what inspired Bock to run once more- to serve Chatham and guide the policies he and his team put into place.  2018 marks a historic moment for Chatham.  Unprecedented growth, 2 megasites, Chatham Park, Environmental concerns looming, and lack of commercial tax revenue demands strong and honest leadership to usher Chatham into this new era.   Most importantly we need to listen to the 70,000 Chatham county residents and get out of private BOC meetings and talk to the people on how they want to govern the county. 

Track Record as former Commissioner


  • Funded a unique workforce training program giving each High School student the opportunity to earn a trade certification or 2 years of college while in HS at no cost to the families
  • Increased teacher supplement pay without a request from board of education
  • Funding one of a kind school incentive program giving every educator opportunity to earn more
  • Increased funding by more than $700,000 above school board request in 2014
  • Nominated by the school board to receive statewide award for continued support of K-12 schools
  • By increasing school funding over the past several years we have avoided major layoffs seen by other counties in the state
  • Funded critically needed repairs and upgrades to all of our facilities


  • Protected Jordan Lake by implementing strict Jordan Lake protection rules that are still enforced today
  • Maintained strong buffers along our rivers and stream
  • Fought against “fracking” legislation to retain our right  to govern and protect our county
  • Initiated project to connect to the City of Durham’s water system, which will provide additional water supply for the NE water district


  • New jobs created in the county increased by 270% in the past 2 years compared to the 2 years before our policies were implemented
  • Capital Investment by private companies increased by over 600% in the same time frame
  • New Payroll in the county increased by over 150%
  • Chatham now has the only state certified industrial mega-site that is   to attract 1000s of new jobs
  • Certification of a 2nd certified industrial site now underway
  • Actively recruited new business to locate to Chatham
  • Actively marketed Chatham County nationally and internationally for the first time 
  • One of the lowest unemployment rates in the state from 2010-2014
  • Revenue from sales tax increased at 2 times the rate of North Carolina
  • Pro-actively assisting new businesses navigate through the start-up process

political candidate in Pittsboro political candidate in Chapel Hill